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Macquarie University
Balaclava Road
North Ryde, NSW, Australia

Phone: 02 9850 7111
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Macquarie University

Macquarie University is a top-performing modern university situated in Sydney Australia. With its consistency in excellence and eminence over the years, Macquarie has become a five-star university. Essentially, Macquarie University is a renowned Australian university which takes pride in the quality of education it offers to the students. 

Macquarie University also serves it students well through exceptional teaching and first-rate facilities. Every corner of the university speaks of modernity and advancement. With the development of technology, Macquarie University ensures students that they are able to study and do their homework and projects conveniently.

At Macquarie University, students experience convenient learning with different first-class facilities like their modern library with recovery system and automatic book storage. Inside the campus, there are also sports and swimming complex and a private hospital for students, teachers and other university employees. They also have an on-campus train station for easy transportation.

Macquarie: A Modern and Outstanding University

Located in Sydney, there are many courses available in Macquarie University for each and every interested learner, Australians and foreigners alike. Whether you love science or you are fond of arts, you can take the course of your interest. Macquarie University offers a variety of courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It helps students excel in different areas like medicine and life sciences, arts and humanities, social sciences and management and engineering and technology.  Indeed, Macquarie University of technology is a highly regarded institution with high value for quality education and efficient use of technology.

Research Jobs and University Jobs in Sydney at Macquarie University

A wide array of jobs Sydney is waiting for the right candidates that will complement the university’s excellent and outstanding performance. Macquarie University is known for giving equal opportunities to its employees. They are also known for giving the best and most satisfying jobs, including academic jobs, research jobs and other university jobs. 

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