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University of Southern Queensland

QLD, Australia

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University of Southern Queensland (UoSQ)

Dr. Alex McGregor of the Darling Downs University Establishment Association led the founding of this institution of higher learning. UoSQ started as the Queensland Institute of Technology in 1967. In 1971, the college council shifted gears into an employment-focused curriculum and thus, renamed it as Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education (DDIAE). 

Initially, the courses offered were in the fields of business, communication, psychology, surveying, engineering, education, and the creative and liberal arts. Two decades after, the DDIAE population grew immensely. It was also during this time that distance education became popular. Finally, in 1992, the Institution was fully granted the status of a university and becoming the University of Southern Queensland, as we now know it today. 

Humanities and Communications Degrees at University of Southern Queensland

UoSQ is a leading university when it comes to the study of liberal arts. They offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in anthropology, archaeology, English, history, language and culture, and creative writing. They also have excellent programmes in behavioural science, communications, public relations, indigenous studies, and legal studies. 

English is the primary mode of instruction at UoSQ although non-native English speakers shouldn’t worry about this. There is a course that specifically addresses this need. English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is an 8-unit course that is designed to help a student into earning a degree. Students can still reap the benefits of taking this in his or her career after his or her studies at the university.  

Academic Jobs and Various University Jobs at UoSQ

Life in the academe is not a walk in the park. Excellence is required on all types of academic jobs, be it as a teacher, lecturer, writer, researcher etc. As a producer of knowledge, the teacher in expected to give his or her best for the whole academic community. 

At University of Southern Queensland, there are academic jobs, research jobs, and other university job openings available. If you belong to the field of the Humanities and Communication, or you have other qualifications, there are plenty of opportunities at UoSQ. 

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