Pay-per-Day advertising


Uni Roles offers universities a unique approach to job advertising. In a world first we’ve launched Pay-per-Day job advertising.


Having listened to the advertising needs of Universities in Australia it became obvious that advertisers only want to ‘pay for what they use’. We no longer operate in an environment where all jobs are advertised for 28 days, so why should institutions pay for 28 days worth of advertising when they only want to advertise for 10 days?

With Uni Roles you have the option to advertise using our $15 ‘Pay-per-Day’ rate knowing that you’ll never pay any more than our $199 Standard listing rate.

We know that the average job listing is less than 2 weeks for a large proportion of Universities, so we’re happy to help lower the overall cost of recruitment and achieve a better ROI (return on investment) for every
institution in Australia.


How it works


When you’re ready to your job on Uni Roles simply login or create an account, select the single day listing product, add your job details and select how many days you’d like to advertise the job for. Our intelligent platform automatically calculates the amount for you so that you only pay for what you use. If it’s less than our Standard listing rate you’ll achieve a better advertising ROI, simple.



By using the Uni Roles Pay-per-Day listing option your institution will benefit from:

  • Lower advertising costs and higher ROI (return on investment)
  • Access to a large and frequently returning Australian audience
  • Data and statistics for every job advertised
  • A wide range of features to enhance your listing incl social media, video, featured & priority listings and more.


Whether it is for academic jobs, research jobs or any other university jobs, Uni Roles is the only site dedicated to advertising in Higher Education in Australia.

Get started by listing your first job with Uni Roles now.


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