Helping advertisers to cut budgets post COVID-19

Posted: 28/05/2020

Higher Education (HE) sector feedback has told us that for the majority of institutions, the remainder of 2020 and most likely most of 2021 will see restructures and redundancies along with budget cuts with far less external recruitment activity, leading to more ad-hoc job advertising arrangements. This, in our view means high volume subscription plans will become a thing of the past for most HE advertisers over the next couple of years. 

The problem with ad-hoc advertising is that you can’t benefit from the heavily discounted subscription plans previously offered. And with global mobility in decline over the short term due to border closures, this will inevitably lead to more domestic hiring. 

If hiring domestically for up to 90% of roles is going to be ‘the new normal’ then we believe the ad-hoc cost to advertisers needs to be a domestically affordable cost.

Comparative to other job boards, Uni Roles is the most cost-effective recruitment advertising platform for Australian HE, with extremely competitive options for International exposure where it’s required. In a like-for-like comparison with other channels, we estimate that we can save most HE institutes over 50% in recruitment advertising costs.

If budget cuts and ad-hoc advertising arrangements are on the cards for your institution, then please contact our Advertising Director - Dave Richardson  to find out how we can help?


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