Socially attractive Academic Jobs

Posted: 08/02/2018

Social Media is increasingly becoming an ideal way to display jobs and generate passive candidate applications. We use our Social Attraction Strategies to promote your Academic jobs to an audience that may not be actively looking for a new role but could be tempted to apply if presented with an exciting opportunity.

We can also target a particular demographic or type of audience with our social reach. By completing a copy of our campaign brief form (available on request) we can present your Academic jobs to your desired audience, eliminating the need to handle unwanted applications.

All jobs on Uni Roles are also posted on our Facebook App, so as we grow our number of followers, your Academic Jobs benefit from our ever-extending social audience.

If you want to give your job a chance to go viral, and generate applications from candidates who may not be actively looking for a new role, our social attraction product is perfect.

Contact us today to find out more and list your university job with Australia’s only dedicated higher education job board.


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It's been a long time since Australian Universities had a choice when it comes to online job advertising, and there has never been a company so dedicated to assisting universities with achieving their talent acquisition goals. Welcome to Worldwide Talent Acquisition.

We’ve launched the first of our talent acquisition products in Australia, Uni Roles. Through Uni Roles we will offer Australian Universities the ability to post all of their Academic, Professional, Research & Executive roles in one place, at an affordable rate.

Uni Roles is part of the new evolution of online university job advertising. No longer do unis have to rely on basic job-boards to attract quality candidates. Our aim is to; provide universities with more market insights; candidates with more possibilities; and the higher education sector with a brand whose core values support the holistic promotion of academic excellence.

We look forward to helping your university achieve its recruitment needs.
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