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University of Technology Sydney
15 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Phone: 9514 1080
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University of Technology Sydney

UTS is an amalgamation of many learning institutions. It first started as the New South Wales Institute of Technology in 1964. In 1988, it broadened itself and since then has undergone further changes; it absorbed the School of Design from the former Sydney College of the Arts. 

The founding of this public university was legitimated through the University of Technology Sydney Act of 1989. Some of the notable alumni from UTS are actor Hugh Jackman, cricketer Pat Cummins, and politician Bryan Doyle. 

Degrees in Design, Architecture and Building at University of Technology Sydney

UTS’s phases of change resulted in improved structures of research and learning at the tertiary level. As of present, University of Technology Sydney continues its vision to provide quality education in all aspiring high school, undergraduate, post-graduate, and PhD students. The administration also responds to timely concerns. UTS is very welcoming to international students, and it also has programs for those with special needs.

The University is known for its Design, Architecture & Building programme. UTS has an excellent team of educators who foster critical thinking in all aspects of creative work. They train young minds to invent solutions to current design problems. Practice and theory are indivisible. Students are expected to produce outputs that have sprung from well thought-out ideas. 

Academic Positions, Research Jobs, and University Job Openings at UTS

Those who hold university jobs feel a sense of pride in what they do. At UTS, the staff benefit from various career development activities. This is the administration’s way of supporting those who work for the betterment of the school. The campus also fosters a culturally diverse environment. People who identify as LGBTI, indigenous Australians, and those with disabilities are welcome at UTS. Undoubtedly, university jobs can be some of the most rewarding careers one will ever find, especially at UTS.

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