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Curtin University

WA, Australia

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Curtin University

Curtin University was founded in 1986. Over time Curtin University have expanded their campuses to 5 main locations. Bentley, Perth City, Kalgoorlie, Margaret River and Shenton Park. Bentley offers the bulk of their courses while Perth City offers the postgraduate and business courses. Kalgoorlie has the School of Mines and Margaret River offers course on Viticulture and oenology. Shenton Park is where the 4 health research institutes are located.

Culturally Rich and Diverse Curtin University

Curtin University is Western Australia’s most richly diverse institution. This institution has the third largest international student population. From campuses residing in locations from Malaysia and Singapore to face-to-face teaching in a number of different countries, Curtin invests time and resources and has created and maintained a strong commitment to not only international engagement, but creating academic success stories, one after the other since inception. 

Having a rich and diverse group of people working and learning at Curtin University also adds a higher value to the campuses overall atmosphere and better prepares graduates to live and work more effectively in an increasingly more technical and complex global environment.  

Research Jobs, University Jobs, and Other Career Opportunities at Curtin

Since its conception, Curtin has been providing an excellent place for research jobs in the process as well as leading the way in higher education. For over 25 years, Curtin University has been able to provide world class R&D by creating and maintaining strategic alliances and partnerships. 

One of their many goals has been to establish a strong track record, while working with industry, government and community groups so to better serve their needs while having an innovative approach to research and development. Curtin University is able to give long term benefits to our students, partners and to society as a whole. 

Curtin University is leading the way in higher learning while maintaining the core values the institution was founded on. 

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