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Australian National University

ACT, Australia

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Australian National University

Australian National University (ANU) is a top and prestigious research focused University in Australia and ranks amongst the world’s greatest universities. This year, ANU ranked 25th in the 2015 QS World University of Rankings. They were also in the top 10 universities globally in four subjects they offer.

ANU is committed to its goal of providing excellent education through quality research, teaching and learning. Through the decades, they remain as a reputable and trusted institution not only in the country but also throughout the globe. With a wide array of undergraduate and post graduate courses, they continue to be the top choice of Australian and international students. They also offer distance learning courses with various online tools for an interactive and rewarding learning experience. 

ANU students are their main concern as they provide them with convenient education through their first-rate facilities such as world-class laboratories, classrooms, libraries and lecture theatres with strong computer system. 

Interesting Academic and Extra-Curricular Activities at Australia National University

Nestled in the beautiful city of Canberra, Australian National University offers students innumerable activities that are both fun and educational. Academic activities in ANU are never boring so students can still enjoy while learning. Extra-curricular activities are also fun and didactic. With museums and galleries and ANU’s arts centre with theatre, students can have pure entertainment while learning.

Australia National University Job Opportunities 

Apart from high quality education and interesting activities, Australian National University also offers a myriad of jobs opportunities. ANU is a sound institution that helps people use their intellect and skills through gratifying university jobs. Every school year, the right applicants are given the jobs that fit their knowledge, skills and experiences. From research jobs to academic jobs, ANU is consistent in hiring the best people that help the institution maintain its eminence and reputation.

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