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Victoria University

Vic, Australia

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Victoria University

Victoria University (VU) is one of the leading public universities in Australia. Located in Melbourne, VU was established in 1916 and has continued providing its students with a remarkably excellent quality of education and its faculty with unmatched support and appreciation since then. It’s where Australian Football League legend Ron Barassi started his football career before becoming one of the most prolific sports personalities in Australia.

Victoria University: A Dual Sector University

As a dual sector university of technology, VU doesn’t just offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, but also provides quality vocational education and training. Victoria University boasts a large number of students who consistently excel in an array of fields such as engineering, education, law, business, health and science, and arts.

Through the help of the vocational education system of VU, the students are provided with an opportunity to launch their careers even if they weren’t able to obtain a college education. VU’s vocational education is guaranteed to provide programmes that develop the students’ skills. Match it with Victoria University faculty’s unparalleled dedication to help the students excel in their field of expertise and the result is a huge number of students landing respectable jobs after attending the university.

Academic and University Jobs Available at Victoria University

Other than providing quality education and exciting learning programmes, Victoria University offers many job opportunities such as research jobs, academic jobs, and university jobs for qualified local and national personnel. 

Every year, more and more students enrol at Victoria University and the programmes continue to grow in numbers. For this reason, VU is consistent in hiring the right people to fill in a variety of important roles in the university. After a careful selection and review process, the most qualified applicants are chosen to perform work that best match their skill sets, intellect, and experience. All posts are available to anyone who fit the job qualifications including graduates of Victoria University.

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