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Charles Sturt University

NSW, Australia

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Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University (CSU) has been on the cutting edge of research since it was founded in 1989. Not only is CSU Australia’s largest regional university and proven itself to be the country’s leading provider of distance learning. You can go back 120 years and see a vigorous continued pursuit of excellence in many different academic courses by giving our students the resources to research jobs and academic jobs. 

Education and Excellence at Charles Sturt University

CSU has been on the frontline of educating our police as well. Since 1998, CSU has handled all academic police training for new recruits. The University is embracing different cultures and people because the global workplace is changing and CSU is changing and evolving with it. CSU is now offering new categories of classes including many diverse studies and has expanded into formal studies of Islam. Also, offering postgraduate programs in the Wiradjuri language. 

Being a specialist in distance learning, Charles Sturt University has combined the focus of the best of the best, and that has led to servicing the community to a new level of excellence. Providing practical learning experiences for the students near and far and creating several successful clinics and enterprises in the process. 

University Jobs and Careers at CSU

Because CSU is so experienced in working and teaching from afar, it has been able to invest in resources in areas of proven and potential strength while still keeping the University’s core values and adhering to its mission. For 25 years, CSU has been providing an in depth approach to academic jobs and a place to research jobs for students as well as offer an exceptional training ground for the staff. 

Charles Sturt University is moving forward as fast as ever and is recognising the complexity that arises when dealing with societies needs near and abroad. CSU is committed to excellence, perseverance, and uplifting society as a whole and will continue to support collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

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