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Murdoch University

WA, Australia

Phone: 08 9360 6000
Web Site: www.murdoch.edu.au/

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Murdoch University

Murdoch University (MU) is a top university in Perth and known as home to free thinkers and independents students. At Murdoch University, teachers motivate their students to think freely and share their thoughts and ideas for better communication. 

For 40 years, Murdoch University has created a well-built community and a sound environment for the students, teachers and other university employees. MU has also developed strong ties with different educational institutions and now, they already have campuses in Dubai and Singapore. 

Murdoch University is also known for its famous graduates like Senator Alan Eggleston, actor Jeremy Callaghan, television presenter Basil Zempilas, author Toby Miller, and many other professionals who became popular in their chosen fields. 

Courses and Disciplines Offered at Murdoch University

There is a wide range of courses and disciplines being offered to aspiring students of Murdoch University. Their undergraduate courses include nursing, accounting, banking, management, biological sciences, chemistry, animal health, community development, criminology, economics, veterinary science and many other interesting courses. 

For postgraduate students, MU offers Asian studies, business administration, counselling, development studies, health care management, information technology, laws by research, tertiary and adult education, web communication, theology and other disciplines. 

University Jobs Available at Murdoch University

Murdoch University shapes their employees the same way they do to their students. As part of the constant success of the university, MU continues to offer more academic jobs for hard working and motivated people. 

At Murdoch University, there are plenty of university jobs being offered for graduates of different fields and practices. Aspiring education graduates and experienced teachers are all welcome in Murdoch University. Apart from teaching jobs, there are many other university jobs available at Murdoch University such as academic jobs and research jobs. At MU, employees are well compensated and rewarded for their hard work and excellent performance.

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