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University of New England

NSW, Australia

Phone: 02 6773 3333
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New England University 

Also know as University of New England (UNE) was first established in 1938 and became fully independent in 1954. The original and main campus is located in the city of Armidale in northern central New South Wales. A new University (Southern Cross University) was created with campuses in Lismore and Coffs Harbour; the orange campus was united with the University of Sydney. Many students that have attended UNE have gone on to be famous in their arena, including as Tony Windsor, who was a former Australian Politician and a member of the Australian House of Representatives. Politician Barnaby Joyce who has been a senator in Australia since 2005 is also a known alumnus.

Wide Range of Courses Offered at University of New England

UNE teaches a wide variety of subjects to both on and off campus students, from School of Arts to UNE Business School. This institution across the board is taking education to the next level while specialising in off campus learning. Since 1955, UNE has been teaching off-campus students and providing distance education to more than 15,000 learners outside the University. And because it enjoyed decades of success and awards from it distance learning programmes, it continues to provide extensive support to overcome the challenges faced with distance learning and students studying online. 

Today, UNE offers over 600 subjects that are available by distance education, mostly online. University of New England now has students studying through its personalised programmes and proven methods from all over the world. 

Academic Jobs and Research Jobs at UNE

UNE has taken it upon itself to be fundamental when it comes to research in many disciplines. In fact, its scholars and scientist have established world renowned reputations through their many areas of learning, from agricultural to archaeology. Working together for research jobs and university jobs is a very easy process at UNE. So if you are looking for careers in a reputable university, go ahead and apply for research and university jobs at UNE today.

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