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University of South Australia

SA, Australia

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University of South Australia

Hon. Mike Rann, the former Minister of Employment and Further Education, spearheaded the founding of the University of South Australia in 1990, which was officially opened the following year. UoSA is a relatively young institution but this does not deter to its being a top university. Some of the notable alumni include TV sensation Poh Ling Yeow and renowned politician Christopher Pyne. 

University of South Australia at the forefront of IT, Engineering and Environment 

UoSA strongly upholds values of equity and excellence in higher learning. This is particularly true for its Department of IT, Engineering, and the Environment. UoSA takes pride in fostering quality education through the use of state of the art learning facilities. It is open to aspiring engineers, pilots, statisticians, IT experts, urban and regional planners, and project managers.  

The university does not neglect the environment in its idea of progress. This is why they include it as an important part of the division. Environmental studies have a special, thriving place in UoSA.

Undergraduate, post-grad, and PhD students take part in creating viable solutions to present-day problems. They are exposed to the needs of the community and the whole government sector. They are also trained to be aware of the current trends in the private industry. 

UoSA is a leading provider of research jobs

UoSA remains to be one of the best universities in Australia because of its efforts in cutting edge research. In connection with this, the University now offers more research jobs and academic jobs to those who are qualified. Currently, their research themes are about the damaging effects of human industrial activity to the environment. They are also on the lookout for medical solutions aiming to alleviate chronic wounds affecting thousands of Australians. These are enticing opportunities for those who are vying for research jobs. 

Having research jobs at UoSA has a lot of advantages. They have a series of awards for scientific innovations and breakthroughs.

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