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University of Melbourne

Vic, Australia

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University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne (UoM), the second oldest university in Australia, has been moulding students ever since it was built in 1853, over 160 years ago. It is known internationally as Australia’s premier research university, being ranked as part of the 50 best universities in 2015. Students and researchers with high potential to excel in their field are drawn to studying and working in UoM. It has made valuable contributions to the world with its research work, teaching strategies and activities. 

The University of Melbourne’s main campus is situated in Parkville, with other campuses dotted around Victoria. Many of its alumni have gone on to become highly esteemed leaders in their field such as the government, community and industry. Some are Nobel Laureates, the latest of which is Professor Elizabeth Blackburn who won a Nobel in Physiology or Medicine in 2009. 
High Calibre Research Education at the University of Melbourne 

The programs offered at UoM are patterned against top universities in Europe, Asia and North America. Undergraduate degrees are offered in Arts, Agriculture, Fine Arts, Commerce, Environments, Music, Biomedicine, and Oral Health and Science. 

Graduate studies will hone a person to be a leader in their chosen field, which serves as a doorway for countless opportunities and maximized salary potential. Graduate coursework degrees are also available for those who want to further enhance their knowledge and skills in a certain area. A graduate research degree is suitable for those who dream of doing collaborative work with leaders worldwide to provide solutions to issues and challenges the world faces today. 

Endless Career Opportunities at UoM

Gaining university jobs at University of Melbourne is definitely a wise career move. Being part of UoM will give a person the opportunity to work in a culturally diverse environment. The University of Melbourne ensures that everyone has a voice that will be heard and each one will learn from the other. 

Likewise, UoM ensures that work and life balance from having research jobs or academic jobs is maintained by providing flexibility in leaves and working policies. It also engages its staff in personalised career development activities to maintain the quality of education that is given to the students

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