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Charles Darwin University

NT, Australia

Phone: 08 8946 6666
Web Site: www.cdu.edu.au/

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Charles Darwin University

Named after the famous naturalist Charles Darwin, Charles Darwin University (CDU) is one of the top and most popular schools in Australia. Formed in 2003 through the merging of Northern Territory University, Menzies School of Health Research and Alice Spring’s Centennial College, CDU has fast become a famous university because of its passion in giving excellent and high quality education. In the Northern territory, CDU is the largest tertiary institution and the number one option of students in the area. This is simply because Charles Darwin University has an exceptional approach to education, research and training. 

Charles Darwin University: a Dual Sector University

As a dual sector university, CDU also offers vocational education apart from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and higher education. Charles Darwin University is home to thousands of top-notch learners who excel in various areas of learning including law, engineering, arts, business, health and science. 

With its option for vocational education, Charles Darwin University helps students who cannot afford college to have a high quality education and trying which will hone their skills and help them find jobs in the future. 

Plenty of University Jobs Available at Charles Darwin University

Because of high demands for education and training, Charles Darwin University is in need of more graduates to fill university jobs. With the university’s rising number of students, it is vital for them to find people who will help with daily tasks especially when it comes to teaching and training students. 

As many students come to enrol, the university must also hire people that will do some of the most important university jobs. This includes, among others, research jobs and academic jobs for all qualified applicants. Graduates of Charles Darwin University are most welcome to join its growing team of professionals and field experts. Nonetheless, its university jobs are open to anyone who have the right knowledge and skills that fit their job requirements. 

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